A Valentine From Us to You

It's almost Valentine's Day, and do you know what we love? People who help each other out. So we're going to help you help someone else, and in return, help yourself! 

Next week we will host Food For Fines.

For one week, you can pay off your library fines with non-perishable food donations!

Who: Any Mount Morris Patron With Fines owed to the Mount Morris Library
What: 1 non-perishable food item = $1 toward library fines
Where: Mount Morris Library
When: Monday February 13th - Saturday February 18th
Why: To benefit the local food pantry and bring your library account current

Please note:

*Expired food or damaged packaging will not be accepted.

*To have food count toward your fines, you must see a clerk and get a receipt for your donation. Receipt will reflect the balance on your account after your donation

*FOOD FOR FINES CAN ONLY BE APPLIED TO FINES YOU OWE TO OUR LIBRARY! If you have fines on books that are owned by other libraries in the system, you will still have to pay cash for those, even if you picked them up here.

*Food for Fines can only be applied to overdue fines, and CANNOT be used to pay for lost or damaged materials.